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HiTower Global Solutions LLC is a leading full-service provider of information & communication technology solutions and scalable information management systems. Our services and software help government and business sector customers increase productivity, reduce costs, achieve a positive return on investment, improve customer service, and streamline business practices. Our mission is to exceed our customers’ expectations in every respect and to deliver true, benefit-driven solutions that build long-term business relationships.

HiTower Global Solutions LLC helped pioneer web-based applications, image conversion and document management services. Over the past 10 years we have amassed an impressive resume of satisfied customers in both government and business sectors, and we continue to build our future on that history of achievement and success In the government sector, First HiTower Global Solutions LLC works in practically every area including law enforcement, transportation, administration, healthcare and human services, child welfare, regulatory, licensing, and many others. Our expertise with both Nigeria and the United States enables us to develop experience-driven solutions that help agencies and departments operate more efficiently, within tighter budgets, and with better results.

In the business sector, HiTower Global Solutions LLC helps companies streamline their operations for faster, more efficient response to customers. We help them leverage their existing investments to gain economy of scale and substantial cost savings. HiTower Global Solutions LLC has developed and installed enterprise solutions in a wide variety of industries including banking, credit unions, manufacturing, legal, insurance, healthcare, construction, and many others.

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